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Sunday, November 22, 2009

False Confession Day

I love to find odd holidays and share them with you all. Today thanks to holiday insights I found out that today was False Confession Day. If you did it then don't let anyone know but if you didn't do it then this day is for you. You can falsely confess. Now while I would not go around falsely confessing to everything you can have a bit of fun

Be careful however when playing along with False Confession day though. A false confession can lead to alot of problems. So while you may confess to kissing your dog on the lips or eating your buggers. Please do not confess to a crime, report some one lost, killed or injured or confess to a relationship you are not in. After all while you may have lots of fun I would hate for you to be hurt, punished or loose a friendship.

Have a happy False Confession Day!!

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