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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Homestead Company review

The Homestead Company was created just a few years ago in 2005. The Homestead Spa originally started as a good neighbor program where moms could share the best natural alternatives to baby products. It quickly turned into a home based business where knowledge in nutrition and health could be shared. Each of the patented formulas offered by the Homestead Company are targeted toward specific skin conditions and nutritional obstacles. Obstacles such as dry skin, rashes, weight problems, allergies and common illnesses. With 6 children (3 of them asthmatics) we have seen our own obstacles in life. The Homestead Company offers ton of products that allows you to select the product that you or your loved one needs. Categories include baby, spa and skin care as well as offers ideas for gifts.

We received the Eczema oil from the Homestead Company and I can tell you that it definitely worked my daughter who has suffered from eczema for much of her life used the oil and it definitely worked for her. This is our opinion and you will have to see the results that you end up with but must say that is worked in our case great.

The eczema oil from the Homestead Company comes with a guaranteed satisfaction or your money back. The eczema oil is safe for all ages and has been raved by many. The eczema oil is a unique combination of emu oil and Kukui nut oil. The oil works by penetrating the inner layers of the skin to allow the skin to heal from the deep layers to relieve and prevent further irritation of the skin. The two oils work together to help skin retain moisture with consistent use is the most effective and natural treatment known.

If your baby or child suffers from eczema you probably want to do all you can to relieve their problem. Try the Homestead Company eczema oil and see if it helps your child as well. You can buy the eczema oil for $5.75on the Homestead Company website located at

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