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Monday, July 6, 2009

Loving others or self

Over at the blog At the well the topic is taking a deeper look at love. Let me offer you two questions that were offered at the blog.

Are you showing love to your family, or are you finding yourself more and more often entertaining selfishness and self pity?

If you are entertaining your flesh, what can you do today to change that and make your home a place of love and contentment

As I ponder upon how to answer these questions I find they are tied up together. You see while I love to show love to my family I often do so that in return they love me back. The little jobs that I do for them, going out of my way to please or help them are often pleas for them to love me back. I am not sure how you feel but I believe that may be the way a family works. We love each other is granted but at times we strive to please another and receive love as a reward.

I do not believe that in any way I please myself except possibly for taking time to blog. Now at times that can be an indulgence and thus I try to monitor myself so that I do not put a halt to family times, quiet times, etc... I am a people pleasing person in so doing such I often try to give all my free time to others.

Want to share with others or are you interested in how others answered the questions head over to the blog At The Well

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