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Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday 5 for July 10

Friday 5 for July 10: Holes

1.Where can you go for a really good bagel, and how do you like yours?

I do not eat bagels

2.What is your favorite style of doughnut?

I love the cream horn or peanut butter filled long johns

3.What’s your favorite flavor of Lifesavers?


4.What O-shaped breakfast cereals do you like?

cheerios is all I can think of can't wait to see others answers

5.How do you feel about onion rings, and where can you get some good ones?

Sonics has the best in my opinion

Want to play along go here


  1. I couldn't think of any other O-shaped cereals, either, but Cheerios really is the best.

    Sonic has amazing food period.

  2. I love Applejacks! and I love sonic (super sonic cheeseburger yumm)

  3. Never had Sonic...but I'm gonna take your word for it that they are good :) Great list


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