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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mystic Wonders Inc. review


As you can imagine laundry duty in this house of 5 teens, 3 adults and sometimes my daughter and her family can be overwhelming. What a load it can place on my household duties. I love to have clean clothes and have my family look their best so I continue on with this dreaded chore. Now Mystic Wonders laundry products have helped to make this job easier.

Mystics Wonder Laundry Ball helps not only save time but also money. The Wonderball as the great laundry ball has been coined allows me to use less detergent than I normally would have. Some times no detergent is needed at all. One of the best parts is that it is non toxic to my children's clothing. That means when i wash my granddaughters clothes I need not worry about her chewing on her little shirt or dress as she often does. This is a great relief on my side knowing that she will not get sick because of how her clothes were washed. Because the system of Mystic Wonders is chemical free it is also skin friendly and may even lead to a reduction of allergic reactions. We no longer need to use dangerous laundry aides to help the clothing color to stay longer which leads to us taking another environmentally friendly step in the right direction.

Not only was I blessed with the laundry ball but also with the dryer balls. Let me tell you we have lots of clothing to dry in this house and because of the heavy towels and amount of clothes that I wash drying often gets to be timely as well. Well no longer with the dryer balls the time I spend drying clothes have been cut in 1/2. Because of the manner in which the dryer balls are created ironing is slimmed down as well. Static and lint are limited using the Mystic Wonder dryer balls creating a more desirable clothing article after being dried. Once again the dryer balls are chemically free and hypo allergenic. What else could you ask for?

There are many other great products available at Mystic Wonders you will have to check out their website to see what other great products they have created to help you around the house. To order the Mystic Wonders laundry ball or dryer balls you can go to the Mystic Wonders website.

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  1. I'll have to check these out. I have always just used a set of new tennis balls. They literally just live in my dryer.

  2. I am giving you an can pick it up here:
    thank you for all of the nice comments you leave on my blog.


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