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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

FlexFlop review

We all love comfortable shoes. I know by experience that we are not always able to wear the shoes that we love. Wouldn't it be great to be able to keep a great pair of shoes within reach so when no one is looking we can take off those dreaded shoes and put some more relaxed shoes on our feet. Flexflop was designed just for that purpose. Flexflops fold to fit into your bag or purse as to not be noticed and pull out just as easily. Flexflops have been titled the foldable, portable emergency flip flop.

I am sure that my daughter loved the flexflops we received after walking for hours on her senior trip. Sure they were not the shoes that she wore to go around on the great rides but when it came time to relax the flexflops came out and her feet were so relieved. The flexflops stayed securely in her tote bag til they were needed. The simple reason is because the flexflops came in their own zipper pouch and slipped securely away into her bag til she needed them.

Blue, Black, Red, Pink if you like any of the four colors then you would be pleased with a pair of flexflops. The great shoes are teamed up with one of three types of soles. Terry, Twill, Microfiber are the choices of sole. They allow your feet to stay in luxury for the ultimate relaxation. Your choice of plain flexflop or with bling is another great choice you will have to make. I say it all depends on your personality. But no matter your personality I am sure you will love the comfortable, easy to use flexflops.

FlexFlops allows you their own definition of this wonderful shoe as follows:

1. The first "Emergency" flip-flop that folds in half and comes packaged in a matching pouch. Give your feet a break! Treat them to a pair of flexflops, the first portable “emergency” flip-flop that folds in half and comes packaged in a matching makeup-style pouch. Every fashionista has a back up plan for those unexpected emergencies. She has the perfect little black dress and the handy little black bag, so why not a classic little black flexflop? All girls know that fabulous heels bring the right style, but they are not always practical or comfortable! Remember to keep flexflops with you at all times– your feet will thank you.
If you would love to purchase a pair of great flexflops for yourself you can order directly off the flexflop website.

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