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Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday

Not Me Monday is a weekly meme that you can find over at the my charming kids website. It is about what you did or did not do in a reverse style of communication. So here is mine:

1. It was not me who beat my husband at cards over the weekend. It was not me who gloated about the fact. It is not me who normally loses because of not paying attention to the game. Since it is not me who is concentrating more on the kids and what they are saying and doing.

2. It was not me who went to church yesterday and found out that I love it. It is not this same church that I left because my teens were not happy. It was not me who looked for another church home to only go back to the church that we left and found home.

3. It was not me who helped cook supper in that same church kitchen for the youth group. It was not me who was seriously so happy to be there when I saw how excited my teens were. I truely have to say I came back home to where I belong.

4. It was not me who was sick to my stomach that I missed my nieces birthday. I would never try to avoid a great family get together where I did not know if an argument would ensue, no not me. It is not me who thinks that my family argues too much and that I find myself in the middle too much, no not me.

That is my top 4 not mes of this week. Please visit my charming kids website for more not me fun.


  1. LOL! Congrats at beating hubby!

  2. Love your list of NMM's, thanks so much for visiting my blog.

    PS I never win at cards either.


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