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Monday, February 23, 2009

Does your little one love blankets? I can remember when our little one was little I had blankets on top of blankets. My granddaughter has many blankets of her own but when I saw this Go Blanket I knew that I had to have it for her. When I received the blanket I was in love. It was so soft and cuddly but it was different from other blankets as well. My daughter who travels allot with her little one always complained about not having anywhere to lay her daughter to change her. I think the Go Blanket will make this experience much better. The Go Blanket is meant just for traveling around.

One of the reasons that the Go Blanket is different than other blankets is because of the polarfleece it is made of. Polarfleece is ready to take on that abuse that young children can deal out. Punching, pulling, kicking and dragging will all be withstood by the polarfleece. In addition to being able to withstand abuse polarfleece is also the most breathable warmth that you can find in a blanket. For those times that are a bit cool the Go Blanket can be used to snuggle your little one in. Do you have those blankets that have been spilled on and worn and now do not smell the best? This wont be the case with the Go Blanket. Polarfleece doesn't retain water, break down in appearance, itch, or pick up odors. The Go Blanket is as dependable as your little one will become on it.

The toddler Go Blanket arrived to me in a mailable envelope and I had no idea by the weight that there was a blanket inside of it. The Go Blanket is not a heavy blanket which makes it even more appealing for me. Our Go Blanket was in the pattern of the animal crackers and as you can see the colors and animal shapes were great. There are many colors and patterns available for the Go Blanket.

Perhaps you do not have a little one and you think this product is not for you. Then I have to say to you what about taking a Go Blanket on a picnic to a picturesque scene like this.

So the next time you are looking to take a blanket on the go think of the Go Blanket.

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