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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Childish Clothing Review

Childish Review

As I window shop through the great Internet I found a great company called Childish. Childish is such a great name for a company geared directly towards children. Childish has so many great fashions. Let me share a few of the ones that I loved.

The simple style that the company childish used to create the design of this great dress reminds you of the free style of days gone past. Just what a child needs to wear to have a great time in. Childish clothing company products include those adorable short little dresses and great icons such as a pink unicorn seems to allow the dress to make every day fun.

I also love the tees for boys that are available at childish. Childish serves both boys and girls and for both sexes childish clothing styles are great. With this tee Childish Clothing company allows a young man to wear the pride of his dad on his chest. What else would make a dad prouder than his little man proudly stating that his dad was his hero? Childish was generous enough to send my granddaughter some great items sh received a great dress that had a unicorn and a statement punk princess. Is that not cool! I love it and so did her momma.

Childish also sent us a great blanket that had the pattern of skulls on pink. Now what is punker than that? Cool let me tell you. The idea was to present the blanket and the dress to my granddaughter but that did not quite work out. This special blanket drew my daughters attention to it. So perhaps my granddaughter will receive the dress as planned but the blanket as cut as it is will go to my daughter as she heads off to college. After all she is still my baby LOL. Just goes to show you that the Childish company enough is cool enough to impress those that are young and those that think they rule the world.

So if you are looking for a great gift for a baby or toddler, boy or girl or a great gift check out Childish clothing. The Childish Clothing company has the coolest items available on the Internet in my opinion. Not only do they sell items for that young boy and girl but also for the momma to be. Childish clothing styles for maternity, the little princess or little prince will leave them looking cool and trendy. Both gifts that we received from the Childish Clothing company were great. The preppy rock star junior in your family would be very happy and impressed if you brought them home a present from the Childish Clothing Company. Perhaps the reason that the clothing line of Childish is because the creator is the great Skye Hoppus, a former MTV executive married to Mark Hoppus of blink 182 and +44 and mom to 5-year-old jack. Who else would you trust your rock star personality of a super star to?

Childish clothing company is a rather young company being created just a few years ago in 2003. But where Childish lacks in years of experience they make up in great styles, that allows you and your little ones to look classy. Just think what your children's friends will being saying about their new rock star appearance when they appear in their new Childish threads. The Childish Clothing company wish is to set a trend setting pace that creates a great appearance for those who wear them. You can find Childish Clothing internationally at fine boutiques and select department stores.

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