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Friday, June 25, 2010

Tips on Enjoying First Theme Park with Child

I had a good friend share with me that she is getting ready to leave to the "Happiest Place In The World" none other than Disney. Wow!!! What a time they will have so much excitement for both of them. One day I would love to take my little Princess to Disney as well and when and if I do I will use the same tips that were shared with me:
  1. We will play games while driving in the car such as scavenger hunt, license place bingo and the old game my dad taught me which is count the cars but a bit more as we kept track of how many and the number of different colors of cars.
  2. We should go with an agenda of what we want to do in that day. However, it should be built for unexpected conditions such as weather, attractions not being open at certain times and just every day simple distractions
  3. Reservations are always a great thing to have when going anywhere. So when traveling to a themed park if times are needed schedule these ahead of time so that you know what to expect
  4. Perhaps staying the entire day is not the best as fussiness often sets in when children get tired Choosing a hotel that is near by will help so that you can leave for a short nap, swim, relaxing moment and then go back. Simply remember to get your hand stamped
  5. Bring the camera and be ready to take great pictures even at times pictures that are not expected sometimes those are the best.

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