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Friday, June 25, 2010

Saving for the Bigger Items

I have a wishlist like anyone else but the items on this wishlist are gathered slowly at a time. There are things that are on my wishlist that are big ticket items as well. While many of the items I want could be obtained rather easily if I would consider taking a loan out. The loan would allow me to get the items I want in less time but they also mean more to pay back for charges that occur. I think that I will save for the items that I want and pay for them as I reach the goal. This allows me to set a goal, see a goal obtained, allows my children to see this goal obtained and allows me to pay in cash for items that otherwise would not have been obtained.


  1. Great to see someone who doesn't get a loan for bigger items, but saves up! :D What a blessing and great opportunity to teach your children!

  2. So true! Loans are not the answer, I'm so glad you are being a great example for your children! Good job!


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