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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Computers for Toddlers and Young Children

Computers can be a learning tool for young children. I remember buying educational disks while my children were small. Such as finding items, the farm, coloring etc.... Now there are even more great products on the market for young children that one needs to do their homework before going out and purchasing. suggest that all though there are many products on the market directed at babies the best starting point is after 9 months of age. At that age they are able to see clearer, sit up, and follow along better. However, at any age the computer is not something that should be forced. Waiting for the young child to show interest. Signs such as smiling, laughing, and clapping are all great signs of being ready. As I said earlier when my children were all younger we loved to share time on the computer. Bonding is something that can easily be achieved while playing with the computer. Like reading a book there are computer disks that will allow you to read to your child and watch it come to life. Discussing what is going on will also allow a sharing experience. The thing to remember is the computer is here to stay and now more than ever it is important to help your child learn skills early but at their own pace.

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