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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tips for Peeling Onions

One thing that I hate the most is to chop up an onion that will make me cry. I located a few tips that I am here to say I have not tried all of them so if you have or do please let me know how they worked out.

Tips for Peeling onion

  • refrigerate it for a couple hours before you chop it.
  • soak onions in water half an hour before you cut them and you'll have no tears!
  • Place a teaspoon in your mouth while cutting onions to stop thoses tears.
  • Guaranteed no tears by chopping off the top of the onion,peeling back the skin,chop the onion with the roots intact then discard them..
  • To chop onions without your eyes watering, stick your tongue out and keep it out the whole time. the onion vapors go to whatever moisture is near so if it ends up on your tongue it won't end up in your eyes.
  • I've found that if you chew gum while cuting onions it will eliminate the tears!.
  • Light a candle and place as close to the cutting area as possible. The flame with "burn up" the vapors from the onion.
  • if you cut an onion ,dont cut near the pointy part. (the core) thats where most of the vapors are . also cut the onion a fast as you can without you cutting your self..
  • Eat dry bread when chopping the onion..
  • Put a piece of bread on the tip of the paring knife when you chop more tears!!.

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