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Friday, June 25, 2010

7 Quick Take Friday

This is a picture of my daughter in the black hat and her best friend in the pink. These girls love to have fun together. The fact is that my little girl has grown up and is even thinking about moving away next year.

2. I have really been enjoying the Wednesday night bible study I have been attending. The speaker is great and the truth hitting me in the face is great as well.

3. I have been having a bit of fun on facebook as of late catching up with old friends has been great and lots of fun. Seeing how we have all changed is great as well

4. They boys have signed up to go yet to another camp this year. Just getting back from a mission trip he heard about another wonderful opportunity to learn more about God's word and off he is again this time taking along his brother

5. I have tightened the budget a bit and in doing so have found a wealth of resource in the $5 Dinner cookbook. If you have not checked it out you may be suprised as well. It offers an entree, sides and dessert for $5 for family of 4 The reason for tightening the budget is to save some money there are a few things that I am willing to do without now to ensure that I have some money later.

6. This week my bathroom has been being remodeled. It is not much fun with only one bathroom and five teens. It is great however that they only work 1/2 day and today the job will be done. Love it though more room, looks great.

7. My daughter and her friend will be headed for a night of fun tonight. They will be going to another wrestling event. They both love wrestling and they love cheering for wrestlers who are not on the same side. They are too funny

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