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Friday, June 19, 2009

Snugfits Review

Many of you know that I love tees that have super cute sayings. I have found yet another great company that sells tees for tots that have great sayings. Snugfits has even more great and cute messages to share. Many of the messages that Snugfits have I have never seen before. Really super cute and adorable messages that fit their personality and at times makes even parents and grandparents proud.

My grandmother was a democrat and I heard lots of reasoning why I should be so when I was at the age to vote I decided that I too would be a democrat. Now there are many family members of mine who are republicans so of course there is a fun rivalry going on. So when I saw this cute little onesie how could I resist? After all she is my little princess so why not do some bragging LOL.
Perhaps you want the Snugfits little tee or onesie to express the little ones personality. This little tee shows exactly the job qualifications of being a baby and it is so super cute.

The creator of these adorable little tees was born into the world of silkscreen advertising. With a grandmother as an artist and a grandfather the owner of a sign shop the talent ran deep. Her father started up a silkscreen business in college to help earn extra money and expanded quickly from there. As this young lady grew the talent grew as well graduating from an esteemed art university and completing great work. It was not until she had her own child and could not find onesies or tees with great art work or messages that she loved. She knew then that there was a need and she could fill that need. Today she creates the Snugfits onesies and tees from the love in her heart. You can also visit her blog at

To purchase your precious little one an adorable artistic onesie or tee with a great message visit the Snugfits website.

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