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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kid Konserve discount code

Kid Konserve is attempting to do their part of conservation on this great earth of ours by creating great products for picnics and outings that can be reused instead of trashed. All to often we seem to take brown bag lunches, sandwiches in wax paper, or little tins of pudding out on a picnic only to leave trash behind as we travel.

As an attempt to generate interest in conserving and using reusable products rather than trash Kid Konserve are offering Annies Home readers a 25% discount on their food kozys. Simple use the code "Kozy25" when checking out. This code will be good through September 09 so will last through the summer months and then into the beginning of school. Imagine saving the world by cutting down on the trash we create simply by reusing instead of trashing the wrapping on our sandwich

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