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Friday, June 19, 2009

Baggino Review

Do you hate carrying those large diaper bags around? Would you love to have all your diaper changing supplies in the same area that was easy to reach? The Baggino maybe what you have been longing for. The Baggino is a stylish looking bag that functions as an easy take along diaper bag or apron.
Baggino makes several different products for babies and moms use. These products include insulated bottle bag, learners bibs, a combination diaper bag and changing belt and a Junior diaper bag and changing belt. Each of these great products have their amenities.

The insulated bottle bag is just what you need when going out for either a long or short trip. The Baggino insulated bottle bag keeps the bottle hot or cold for up to 4 hours. The Baggino insulated bottle bag features a strap that goes great on a stroller handle, around your wrist or even attaches to the Baggino Diaper bag and changing belt.

The baggino learning bib is another great asset for either a toddler starting to feed their selves or for the infant just starting to eat. With the long sleeve and and the extra long front the bib will create nearly everywhere that the food may land on the child. Leaving their clothes fresh without need of being changed after the child is done eating. The Baginno learning bib comes in one size fits all and easily goes on with secure Velcro closures and soft secure cuffs on the sleeves. When the child outgrows the need to use as a bib the baggino learning bib may be used as an art smock. Created of soft terry cloth and may be machine washed.

The Baggino Diaper Bag n Changing Belt comes in to different sizes (1) the combination and (2) the junior. Here the larger size the combination is shown. The messenger style bag quickly changes from bag to a hands free baby changing tool belt. Oh the ease of having everything right at hand to change that diaper. The diaper bag does not sit on the floor since it straps around your waist. This makes great when changing the little one in restrooms of gas stations or restaurants or on the airplane when you travel. Attaches easily to stroller to easily carry it around as well.
The goal of Baggino is to make the daily life of mom and baby easier. For parents who travel with their child the simple jobs of changing diapers or having a bottle ready are not always easy. That is why Baggino has created items just for the use of parents that are on the go with their baby. We received the Junior baggino and is the perfect size for my daughter to take with her inside the grocery store when staying or town or to travel with when she comes to visit me (grandma).
Buy: you can order directly off the Baggino website if you would love to purchase a Baggino product to make your life easier.

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