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Thursday, June 18, 2009

13 Thursday: things we packed

We will be leaving for church camp this coming Sunday afternoon. Here is a quick list of 13 things that I will be taking
  1. bible
  2. notebook
  3. pen
  4. several pairs of shorts
  5. several tees
  6. sandals
  7. tennis shoes
  8. suitcase to carry it all in
  9. money to spend while at camp
  10. dress pants
  11. nice shirts for church
  12. myself
  13. my children

What can you make a list of 13? Want to play along or read more head over to the blog


  1. Let's see 13 things I found under the bed ... LOL

    Love the list, always remember yourself and oh yeah the kids ... LOL

  2. Sweet! My son leaves for camp, too.


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