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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mom Advice: household chore list for each room

I did this to an extent where teens can help in a daily clean:
I placed a sheet of paper on the wall of each room in a area where it can not be damaged and these are the instructions I placed on it:

Living Room:

sweep the floor

fluff furniture


clear off tables and put all back on them



sweep floors

straighten closets,

straighten room


dishes done 2x a day

fridge and freezer wipe down

sweep floor

clean tables

Laundry room:

girls (monday, wednesday,friday)

boys (tuesday, thursday, saturday)


clean sink area

sweep floor

tub area

towel shelves straighten

This is primarily what rooms my children would work in and I believe will help me and my teens out alot.

For more great helpful notebook experiences check out the blog The Mother Load

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