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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It's summer time, it's summer time, a time to have fun a time to have style. If you are looking for more style in your summer wardrobe you need to check out the Popits style of shoes. Yes, they are stylish, yes they are fun, yes they are just what you may be looking for.

We received these super cute pink ones and oh so fun. Simple slip on flip flops that are ready to go anywhere. When you team them up with the Popits charm you create a masterpiece of your own. We received the silver pom pom charm

When the great flip flops arrived you can guess that they were a prize to all the girls. This time it was not something that the guys were interested in being pink and all but the girls were trying to decide who would receive these great looking flip flops. It was so funny when I announced that I would be the one to wear the great Popits flip flops. Yet, if I ever find a time that I can not find them I have to go look in my teens bedrooms to see which one is holding my Popits flip flops ransom. LOL

Buy: You can design your own Popits flip flops for you or someone you love by going to the Popits website and choosing what color of flip flop you would want and then the Popits charm to go with it. Perhaps while you are there you should check out the cool Popits hats to go along with the terrifically cute flip flops for Popits you will be sporting.

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