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Monday, June 15, 2009

ONTRAY review

ONTRAY is a nifty little product that I have found multiple uses for allready. Take a look at an Ontray and what do you think you could do with one?
My first few ideas are (1) hold snack for your toddler to eat, (2) hold your loose change while you are shopping and (3) hold your loose coupons so that you can use your hands for other things.
The Ontray was created by a mother who had her hands full while coupon shopping with her three young children. She decided it was either never take them with her again or design a product that would make easier shopping. Out of necessity comes a great invention of the Ontray.
Whether you need one for yourself to make your own life easier or would love to give as a gift to an expectant parent, a coupon shopper who has her hands full or to any one else the Ontray would make the perfect gift.
Find out if there is a retailer near you by visiting this link or order directly off the Ontray website.

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  1. wow that seems like it would make a mom's like a million times easier!!!!


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