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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Linen Kids review

Do you remember the days of old when children's clothes were made of beautiful linen? I do and will always cherish those days. Now you can offer the young child in your life a wonderful linen outfit as well. Because a mother of two wished to offer her children the best in clothing the linen kids line of clothing was created.

At you will find:

APPAREL: Unique garments manufactured as single pieces or in very limited amounts, the majority of which will be created after you place your order. Most of the items are hand-made or have hand-made details. Each garment is made using fine linen cloth, and our autumn-winter collection features a few garments made of soft, pure wool.

ACCESSORIES: Cheerful, colourful and pleasant accessories made of linen and other natural fabrics will complement and personalize your child’s outfit.

BED AND BATHROOM LINEN, LINEN RUGS: The items here will help your baby to feel comfortable and cozy when taking a bath, playing or sleeping. You can handpick, mix and match colours, sizes and patterns of most items. Be creative and give your child coziness and warmth!

TOYS AND DECORATIONS: Toys that will become inseparable from your children and remain their favourites.

We received this lovely pink ladybug dress from the Linen Kids company. I chose this dress because pink is my favorite color to put on my little princess of a granddaughter. When I received it I knew instantly that my granddaughter would not receive this immediately. You see it was to special for an everyday present it has been hidden away for her birthday. Oh how precious this dress with its soft linen felt on my skin. I can not wait to see what she thinks about it. The knitting of this beautiful dress leaves the idea of homemade in your mind and you know that you have a special item for the one you love. Linen Kids does such nice work that I would gladly share with all my friends.

Buy: want to buy a precious Linen Kids outfit for your little one? You can order from the Linen Kids company directly from their website


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