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Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Fragments June 19, 2009

Friday Fragments is a fun little meme held each friday and hosted by Half Past Kissin' Time blog

This week has been quite crazy with all the packing, etc... for the upcoming trip.

I did just have a child come in my room and tell me sort of a cool joke

Q what do you call cheese that is not yours?

A nacho cheese (notya cheese) LOL

well if you want to read what others have going on head over to the blog Half-Past Kissin' Time


  1. LOL, we love the nacho cheese joke here!

  2. Lol! One time I had a kitten and people were asking me what's your cat's name and I kept saying "Nacho Kitty" and ppl were getting mad! Haha! I'm weird.

  3. Love it! Now my kids will have a new joke to tell everyone.

  4. That's a classic! Good luck with your packing, and have a great weekend! :)


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