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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Moment In History That Did Not Reach Space

My mother can recall childhood memories of events in history that in one way or another changed the world. For instance she can recall the day that Pearl Harbor was bombed and the day that JFK was shot and other events. Perhaps you can recall your own memories of events during your life time such as the day the planes went into the twin towers in NYC. Yes that is for sure one that my own children will recall. One that I personally remember occurring was the tragic challenger spaceship. I was sitting in class watching the space ship liftoff. 


A bit of history:

President Reagan was an active president that believed strongly in NASA. The liftoff attracted a lot of attention and one crew member had drawn lots of attention more than others. Christa McAuliffe was not an astronaut but rather a school teacher. In space she was scheduled to lead discussions for others to follow.  

January 28 1986 was the date of the proposed liftoff. The weather caused delays and the engineers at the Kennedy Space Center found many technical delays as well. The weather was an unusual cold wave and this resulted in solid rocket booster 0-ring joints freezing up thus creating issues with the shuttle working properly. Only 73 seconds after the shuttle lift off the orbiter broke apart into pieces killing all 7 astronauts on board

The challenger was the first space shuttle to be destroyed in a mission accident. The pieces that were collected are buried in a missile silos at the launch complex at Cape Canaveral 

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