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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Be Careful Out There Preparing for that Winter Drive

 Our weather today is a bit snowy. Yes it has been snowing for a bit and not sure how long it will snow. There are individuals at our house that work midnoc shift. I always worry about them driving back and forth for work. My daughter who is 34 drives just a few minutes to work but my son and his wife will be driving a bit over an hour to get to work tonight. Perhaps you or someone you know is in this predicament if so here are some tips to take note of.

  • Make sure to keep your vehicle stocked with supplies you may need in an emergency. Preparing a winter kit for your car will help ensure you are prepared for the winter weather if something may happen
  • Not only in winter weather but any time is a great time to make sure your first aid kit is in the car and stocked
  • flashlight in case you are out like my kids will be at night or in weather where it is hard to see
  • make sure you keep a couple of blankets in the car in case you get stopped or your heater is not working properly
  • Small shovel as well as kitty litter or sand to help give your wheels traction

  • Booster cables something one of my sons learned the hard way to keep a set in your car as you never know when you may need them
  • Another nifty product that we swear by in the winter weather is windshield fluid with deicer built in 
  • Snow brush and ice scrappers are very important to have to aid in removing snow and ice from the windows
  • An extra set of warm clothes as well as an extra hat, gloves, boots, socks will help make sure that if you are in the weather to long that you can change to be dry
  • extra gas in the car will also help if you get delayed 
  • water and food is also important if you get stuck in traffic or simply stuck

Preparing for winter weather is always important. It helps get you ahead of the weather before it is here. From winter tires to having an extra blanket in the car being prepared is the first step of safety. 

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