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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Help Getting Thru the Jungle Known As the Laundry Mat

 Recently we moved to a house... a lovely house (cabin) in the middle of Shawnee National Forest. It is a dream come true. The house is great but the only missing thing was a 220 outlet which meant that we had no dryer. In the summer time that was awesome we put them out on clothes line and air dried this worked for quite some time til the temp became to chilly. However, when it was cold they could either freeze dry or we headed to the laundry mat... 

It's a jungle out there and finding the laundry mat to visit was a bit challenging there are a few around. One has no attendants and it seems the homeless often visit as it is warm and open 24 hours a day. Another is a bit higher and up town and often crowded. The one we decided to go to in the end has an attendant from 8 in morning til 7 at night, is nice and clean and warm as well. 

Some tips to keep in mind if you find yourself also visiting a laundry mat :

  • inspect inspect inspect dryers and washers may still contain the item that was not to be there when the prior person used it such as bubble gum, ink or anything else that can leave a stain
  • Try not to do laundry on the weekend rather wait til a week day
  • always bring lots of quarters. I have started myself a quarter jar where I put all the extra quarters that i use

Have any other ideas or tips ?? Please leave them in the comment would love to hear them

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