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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

A Blessed Week

 Here we are entering into our second full week of 2021. So far all is going good. How about you?? The weather here is getting a bit cooler with temps for the week 

Monday currently the temp is 24 degrees..... 

Tuesday the high for tomorrow will be 42 and low 29 with little chance of rain

Wednesday a bit warmer with high of 46 and low of 34 at least we are not to having freezing temps chance of rain still slim

Thursday as the week goes it promises to be a bit warmer with high of 48 and low for the day of 32 with slightly more chance of rain

Friday sees a 40% chance of rain with high temp of 42 and a chilly 27 as the low

Saturday offers a 38% chance of rain with temps in high of 38 and low of 28

Sunday the chance of rain is cut to 10% the low of the day will be around 29 with a high of the day of 38

On my breakfast plate:

this morning was early morning for me and son so we stopped got sausage biscuit. Hubby fixed kids here eggs, sausage and biscuits for breakfast. I think I got shortchanged

As I look outside my window::::

The sun is shining the front porch has still got items that need to be taken to the storage til next holiday season. 

As I look around the house::::

I see a busy day ahead of me. Papers to file and organized on my desk, items to sell need to be found as they are being picked up on sunday. Other than that I see a house that is decorated with the colors of the Red, White and Blue but the confederate flag hangs on the wall in another part of the house

What I'm wearing today::::

It was a day to get out and about and so I decided to dress up a bit not to dressy but black dress pants, teal colored shirt and grey and black sweater 

On the TV for this week::::

we are watching the voice, hells kitchen, and top model to say just a few In our new house we have hulu streaming 

On the menu this week::::

Monday---- Chilidog Casserole recipe from my food and family blog

Tuesday--- I do not cook and rather my son and his wife will have meal prep duties

Wednesday ------dorito Casserole 

Thursday ----

Lasagna soup and italian sandwich

Friday ---- my oldest daughter will pick up both Friday and Saturday meals

Sunday --- my youngest daughter will prepare the meal on this night

Something interesting in our life:

Around 6 months ago we moved into a large beautiful cabin style house. While we love the beauty of the area the house does need a bit of an uplift. One thing that is missing is a 220 outlet which means no dryer.... in return means trips to the laundromat. This recent post can help you understand how everyone can conquer the battle of the jungle

From the Camera

Congrats to my brother and his wife 

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