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Friday, November 27, 2020

Buy Nothing Day


Welcome to the day after Thanksgiving. Many love the sales and discounts that this day often brings. Yet others refuse to pay attention to all the commercialism of Christmas. For those individuals the day after Thanksgiving is less attentive to all the sales and discounts available and instead stand by the method of a "Buy Nothing Day". However the choice is yours to get your Christmas shopping started early or to take a stand against commercialism.

While there are many that both agree with this day as disagree. The idealism of the creator of this special day, Ted Dave from Canada was backed by the group adbusters and was first celebrated in 1992. 

Rather than concentrating on the good shopping deals perhaps you should consider to reflect upon the meaning of Christmas. As one of my grandchildren the other day said in their own words Christmas day is "Jesus's Birthday". Some other ideas you may try while avoiding shopping may include:

  • After such a large meal why not sleep in. Get plenty of extra room and allow your body to recover after such a large meal
  • lounge around and enjoy some Christmas movies with the kids
  • decorate the house
So if you headed out this year to do some early morning shopping was it good for you?? If not then perhaps you will consider trying a buy nothing day. However if you did enjoy the hustle and bustle then who am I to suggest this. 

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  2. The last time I shopped the day after Thanksgiving was about 25 years ago when my sister convinced me to go stand in line at 4:00 am at a toy store. It was the most ridiculous thing ever and I vowed never to shop on that day again. And I never have! I prefer to stay home and relax and enjoy my family the day after the fattest day of the year. Plus the commercialism really turns me off, too. Great post! Happy holidays!


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