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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Truth About Hunger

There are so many factors currently in the economics that is leading families to desperate times. Food is one area in the budget that may have been slimmed. Sadly in some situations hunger may be affecting more neighbors than you realize. In addition, it is known that in America there is one family in every community that struggles with getting enough food to feed the family. 

It was all ready a known fact each year that millions of Americans faced hunger daily. Now the coronavirus pandemic affecting every American has made it even harder for families that are struggling to get enough food to feed their family. In 2020 it is estimated that 54 million individuals are not sure if they have enough to eat or not. Thus food banks are seeing more participants that are in need of help. 

Those visiting food banks have deeply been affected by covid 19. Many often think that the individuals that are in need and visit food banks are those that do not work. This is not the case as many families in need are led by those working part time or full time jobs. However, the issues involved are low wages, underemployment, and other expenses that must be made. 

Programs set up by the government including SNAP or WIC and these are meant to help offer proper nutrition. Many families that are still going hungry earn to much to qualify for such programs. 

Find out more about hunger and how can you help....

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