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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Keeping Food Safe at All Fall Activities

Welcome to fall where the weather starts to cool down a bit and the days are a bit shorter. There is still more fun to be had and many times this fun will also involve eating food. While many think that the food rules that were present in the hot months do not pertain to the fall months they are wrong.

There is much fun to be had at picnics, hikes, cookouts, apple picking, or even tailgate picnics during the fall months. These events are all fun but if someone ends up getting sick because of the food they ate it will end up on a sour note. Therefore it is best to follow the same type of food rules as are followed in the warmer months. 

  • One of the first and easiest ways to prevent food borne illness is to always make sure the food is prepared with clean hands, utensils and surfaces. When there is no running water then disposable wipes should be used.
  • Make sure that raw meat always is prepared with clean utensils and dishes. Cooked food should be kept on separate plate never place with the raw or where the raw meat was kept.
  • The same 2 hour rule that was followed in the summer months continues year round. SO if you serve perishable foods at the fall get-together then you must put them away in cool place within a 2 hour time frame or throw them away. If you are out and about and not near a fridge then ice packs that come in many varieties should be used. An option to perishable foods is to use non perishable treats like trail mix, energy packs, protein snacks or canned meats. 
  • When packing a food for tailgating place in cooler with ice or ice packs. Similar to in the fridge meat should be placed at the bottom of the cooler so that juices can not drip on the other foods. 
  • When grilling cook meat to proper temps
By following these rules you can make sure that your fall event stays fun and no one falls ill from a food borne incident

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