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Monday, April 20, 2020

The Man Known as Johnny Cash

During President Richard Nixon and his wife Pat in the white house many things were different. The duo loved to be outside and would often entertain their guest with musical duos. Many groups were invited to the white house. Red Skelton and Merle Haggard made the scene and entertained the president and his guest. One of the most unforgettable musicians to entertain at the white house was Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter Cash in April 1970.

Like many things during the 1970s the gossip would swirl as the press reported that Johnny Cash would be performing at the white house. The fear was that the songs he would sing may glorify citizens on government assistance as well as help form opinions on anti = war protesters. However, Johnny Cash who was a supporter of President Nixon would entertain those in the audience with songs like "a Boy Named Sue" , "Five Feet Tall and Rising" and "What Is The Truth".

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  1. Annie,

    John Cash had a distinctive voice and is definitely a mewsic legend. His hit song, 'A Boy Named Sue' is a funny tune and I remembered how hugely popular song was as a kid even though I didn't understand it I thought it was funny that a boy was name Sue. :) Thanks for sharing and dancing with the 4M crew on the dance floor today, my dear. Stay healthy!

    Cathy's Pinup Girl Art Sketch Series 'Q' hits the 4M dance floor

  2. I loved Johnny Cash. Of course he'd be politically appropriate at the White House. I loved "A Boy Named Sue", too

  3. Johnny Cash was a true legend. He cut across all boundaries with his music.

  4. I loved Johnny Cash even though his music was not the genre I usually listened too. I still have a couple of his songs on my iPod!

  5. There will never be another like Johnny Cash. The man was just another citizen of the U.S. Just another man, but he had something special about him. He loved people, but he searched out for the good in people and he wanted to give the same of himself. He may not have had a great voice, but his words sure made up for it. It got people using not only their brains, but their hearts. Thank you for joining us today!

  6. I liked the song he sang about building the car from parts he took home from working on the assembly line! :)

  7. We loved Johnny Cash and the movie about his live with June Carter too😸Clean Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏🐾😽💞

  8. Great post! I've loved Johnny Cash since I was a little girl. Stopping by from Wine'd Down Wednesday party. ❤️

  9. Johnny Cash's voice was so distinctive and he knew just how to sing. This song is relevant even today. We all ask "what is truth?"


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