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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Living In God's Beautiful World

I have always enjoyed the season of fall. In Illinois we are blessed to be able to enjoy all 4 seasons... winter, spring , summer and fall. To me fall is a wonderous time full of changes. Perhaps it is the changing of the leaves that makes my senses spark up. 

As the autumn leaves glisten in the early morning dew I enjoy simply looking around at all of God's beauty. The trees begin to shed their outer apperance and are becoming bare showing the bare bones of the bark and empty twigs and limbs. However, while the beauty abounds as it always does in God's world the cooler days are welcomed in by me as well. 

The days while shorter are now cooler and allow for more time to be out in them. My grand-children love to play in the yard and the weather is perfect for this type of event. Fall gardening is where I spent alot of my personal time,, with fall mums and other plants and preparing the soil for the upcoming winter weather. IF you have never been blessed to see the beauty of the season change in my opinion you are truly missing out. 

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  1. Such beautiful imagery. Fall is my favorite season as really can see evidence of God all around!



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