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Monday, September 16, 2019

Your Help Is Needed ---- Help Save The Ozone Layer

What can you do to help protect the ozone:
  • Take the bus. If more people take the bus then the number of cars on the road will be reduced. This will mean that smog will be reduced as one of the leading causes of smog is vehicular emissions. Taking the bus or better yet walking or riding a bike is both better for you and better for the ozone. If one of the options is not available then consider using an electric, solar or hybrid vehicle. 
  •  Clean your house the ozone smart way. Using eco-friendly and natural cleaning products when doing household chores is one way you can help to prevent ozone depletion. Toxic free and cleaners made of natural ingredients is the best way
  • Another area that can be dangerous for the ozone is in the area of pesticides used to get rid of weeds. Rather than using these consider looking for other ways to remove the weeds. Going natural or weed manually or mow your garden to keep the weeds down. 
  • Refuse to purchase aerosol products that use chlorofluorocarbons or CFC's. Products such as hairsprays, deodorants and household chemicals have all been known to contain CFC's. The better bet when trying to protect the ozone are the pump spray style products 

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