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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

How to Use Old Towels

We all have them those towels that have had their better day and some may consider worn out. Don't fret though,,,, there are still uses for these towels that have aged. 

Some of these uses include:
  • Keep a stack of older towels in a good area to use at times when spills may occur. This will help you save money on paper towels as they will no longer be needed for jobs like this
  • Want to save money on laundry expenses?? Toss a towel or two into the dryer when you are drying a small load. This will help to cut the drying time down
  • Good old towels are great for covering dishes at picnics to keep pest away
  • Older towels can be cut and used as baby bibs They still have their power of covering the area so they will work great
  • Another use for old towels that will help the littlest among us include cutting them up and making reusable baby wipes. 
  • old towels are perfect for cleaning the car. They are useful for both the inside and outside
  • are you handy?? Then take two towels that still have a bit of use, sew together and stuff to make a pillow
  • use white towels to make ghost for the yard during Halloween
  •  sew several old towels together to make a picnic blanket 
  • use old towels to make super hero capes
This is our ideas Do you have any?? Please share in comments

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