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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Creat a Organizational Family Command Center

I know most likely just like mine you have been there too.... On the search for that important paper, double booking yourself on the calendar or maybe even needing that important number you know you have somewhere. In order to maintain the home and keep down the drama at our home we have a central place where all can be found. Perhaps... you would be interested in keeping one for yourself:

Now while this may sound like something you need in your home,,, slow down and rest assured most likely it will take a bit of time to get up and going. A command center is to be there to help you and the family. Don't be in a hurry and end up making it more of a pain than a help. Slow down, take your time create an organization system that will help you in the long run. 
Using a space as small as a common wall to a den is perfect size for the family command center. Using a wall where you can secure hooks and baskets will allow you to disburse items for the family. The space most likely should be in a high traffic area where the entire family passes by or may  gather. Do a search on "pinterest" to gain a few ideas. Now that you have an idea of where to create the command post what do you need in it??

One main item that is needed in the family command center is a calendar. The calendar should have big squares to write in events. Dr. appointments, lessons, vacations and other events will need to be wrote in when they occur. Birthdays and other important dates are items you may want to add as well. Perhaps being aware of dates and times when things are to occur will help to keep lives more organized
A communication board will help allow family members to leave messages forever when ever needed. Using a dry erase board, a chalk board , a magnet board, a cork board and pins to leave notes or even a simple notepad will do nicely. Life can get busy and being able to leave messages for each other should help Leave lists for shopping, to dos or important notes to not forget items or where to meet up will help the family stay organized. Remember to position the community board so all family members can reach it

Being able to hang needed items that are used often such as backpacks, jackets and etc... would be great to be in this area. Hanging baskets or paper organizers will help get the items to each family member helping to keep the flow of organization continued. Meal plan as well as whats available to snack on helps to make the daily flow of life a bit easier. It also allows family members to help their selves to snacks and to help in the kitchen preparing meals. Thus these are just a couple of ideas that can help the daily flow and fit your goal of being more organized.

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