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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Be Safe In the Tub

An average of 234,000 injuries happen in the bathroom each year. The age groups most at risk include children under 5 and adults over 70. The age group 25 to 64 amount for over 1/2 all incidents.

Bathroom injuries happen daily but could be avoided or lessened with a few safety tips. Installing no slip strips on the bottom of the bathtub is one of the steps to cut down on issues. Placing a cushioned cover over the water faucet to protect young children is important as well.

A few other safety prevention steps that can help cut down risk include:

  •  Grab bars can help an individual grip. Shower doors or towel bars can lead to injury. To reduce your risk of falling in tub or shower install a grab bar.                                                                    

  • Balance issues offer a concern of falling as well. There are special seats, chair, or bench for the shower that can offer a solution to balance issues. Shower and tub floors can become slick using a shower mat is also a great idea.                                                                                           

These products offer a solution you may be searching for The products are normally within financial reach making them not only affordable but offer safe and secure in the tub as well. Be Safe

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