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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Thanks for Stopping by

In today's world it is important to offer our children compliments. Compliments offer encouragement and help boost self esteem, two things that we can all use. Children and teens face much criticism so if there is something you can compliment then we should.

Compliment their behavior, let them know you appreciate how they handle their selves and issues they face. Compliments can help them know that their honesty, kindness, trustworthiness and reliability is showing and appreciated. When children show any of these skills not only compliment them but try to tell them why you like what they are doing as well.

Many times our kids may disagree with the way that we want things done. Compliment them when they obey what we ask them to do. This not only allows them to see we respect our children but allows them to see that we admire how they do what we ask. Too often the only time our children are offered our opinion is when they are disrespectful or disobey what is asked of them. A compliment allows them to see that we are also watching when they are good.

Too often older children will stray away from hugs and pats on the back. But offering them compliments for simply being part of the family can go a long way. Our children need to know that they are very much valued as family members. Another great chance to show that you love them just for being them is when they help out with what is going on. Allow them to know you not only notice but that you are thankful for them.

Reminding our children that we love and appreciate them is a valuable resource we all need to practice. If we all offered more compliments this would may just be a happier place

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