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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Green Ways to Fight the Filthy Fly

June is fight the filthy fly month. This simply puts a long ago thought into my head of my husbands grand-mother in her red neck ability sitting on the couch with a flyswatter ready to do battle. 

Flies have no redeeming qualities. Frogs consider them a delicious taste treat. Flycatchers, birds and the bug zapper are others that contest on catching flies. Other sources to control flies include:

Fly swatters that are often made with holes to minimize the air current that warns the fly. The reduced air resistance and increase the speed of the swat Killing flies may not seem the thing to do for some but consider that flies have been known typhoid, cholera, salmonella, bacillary dysentery, tuberculosis, anthrax, opthalmai and parasitic worms. 

Basil in flower pots inside the home works as a natural repellent. Planting mint and basil around the house The plants do the opposite of attracting 

Filling a saucer with white wine and dish detergent will poison the flies when they drink  the mixture killing them.

Installing screens on windows and doors of your home will help keep the filthy fly out of your home. Trashcans will attract flies with the odor they give off as well. keeping tight covers on these will deny the fly access to a breeding sight. Pet owners should also be aware of cleaning up their animals area as well. Flies do not just bother humans but our animals as well.

Our family also enjoys picnics in the summer time. Often their are unwanted guest that show up as well. One tip to keep the filthy fly from attending is to add a piece of sponge saturated with lavender oil in a small tin. allow this to cover and sit for 24 hours take off the lid and place on table. After each use this process needs to be repeated.

Cloves some how have the ability to repel flies as well. They can also look so super cute and decorative when inserted into a piece of fruit. Simply use about 20 to 30 cloves inserted into fruit and place on table.

Flies may not live long approximately about 25 days in length from egg to death but their descendents continue the life cycle. If these tips do not work for you then I say go out adopt a mess of frogs and they most likely will put the filthy flies promptly on the menu.

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