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Monday, June 5, 2017

First Hot Air Balloon

Did you know that the first hot air balloon was invented by two brothers Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier. In France on June 5 1783 the brothers would fill a balloon they had made with hot air and what happened next would change history. The hot air balloon would rise 1500 feet into the air. The wind would carry the balloon over a mile in distance in 10 minutes before it went down. That was the first attempt and three months later the brothers would try again. On board of the second balloon was a duck, rooster, and a sheep as passengers. This balloon would fly for 8 minutes with all passengers returning to land safely. The same year the brothers would release yet another balloon two men were on board this time and the balloon floated for 25 minutes and traveled a distance of 6 miles.

The Hot Air Balloon would start a revolution in air flight

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  1. In fact, I did know! I'm French speaker and hot air balloon is called "montgolfière" here :)


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