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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Dont Let The Bedbugs Bite

When I was a little girl part of my night time routine was to tell everyone in the house goodnight and then to remind them not to let the bed bugs bite. At that point and time it was just a cute saying but now as we find out more and more we have realized that there are bed bugs and yes they do bite. 

Bed Bugs are tiny insects no longer than 7 mm normally but can do so much damage. They eat at nigh and feed off the blood of mammals and birds. Bed bug infestations have been found in mattresses, bed linen and clothes where it is dark and warm. The problem is that bed bugs do not stay in any one position. When bags and clothing are put down near an infestation the bed bugs attach and are brought home with the unsuspecting traveler. 

When you are the traveler keep in mind to watch for signs of bed bugs. Inspect the mattress by starting at the head of the bed and working your way down. Focus on the seam and tuts of the mattress where bed bugs can hide. Rust colored blood can be tall tell signs of bedbugs. Bedbugs do not come out in daylight so keep the light off and use a flashlight to search for those dreaded bugs. Check the sheets and blankets and lift the corner of the mattress to check the box springs. 

Hang your clothes in the closet. Yes, I know you are not moving in. You do this so that the bed bugs will not attach to your clothes. You should also use the luggage racks that have been provided but first inspect the rack for any signs of bed bugs. If you was not provided with a luggage rack then use a light colored surface to put your suitcase. This will help you notice any signs of bed bugs. Placing your suitcase on the bed may allow any possible bugs to attache to your luggage. 

Once you return home be sure to wash your clothes and clean your luggage. After all you dont want any unwanted hitch hikers to come home from you 


  1. Luckily, knock on wood, I've never had to deal with bedbugs. But I always check thoroughly at hotels and other places I'm staying.

    1. me too I never want to have to deal with them either


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