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Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Rhino is Endangered

The Rhinoceroses or rhinos as they are widely known are among the world's largest land animals.
 The name of this animal comes from Greek rhino + ceros which means "nose horned" There are three Asian and two African species existing today. There is proof of at least another dozen extinct species as well. The issue of the rhinos facing extinction is an ongoing problem

The rhinos are quickly facing extinction. It is estimated that more than 500 rhinos are poached in South Africa every year At this rate they will be extinct in a matter of time. The black and white rhinos of Africa are under severe threat and potentially on the verge of extinction in their wild habitat due to excessive poaching. Poaching has become so lucrative because of the rhino horn in China and Vietnam. The problem has increased so badly that there are more rhinos are killed each year than are born making extinction a real possibility Those living in Asian community desire powdered rhinoceros horn and use it as an aphrodisiac. The shape of the horn furthers the belief in its qualities.

The rhino can weigh up to four tons. They have short, thick supportive legs and skin that is thick and gray to brown in color. The skin hangs loosely on the body and appears hairless. The Asian species of rhino have skin folds near the neck and hips that resembles armors. Another difference between the African rhino and the Asian rhino is their teeth.

Did you know that rhinos can have more than one nose horn. The horns are made up of keratin, a fibrous substance that composes hair. The rhino uses its horn for digging food, as a form of defense and in mating combats as well. Rhinos have four toes on the hoof like feet and appear clumsy but run as fast as horses. They also have amazing eye sight, great smell and excellent hearing.

The white rhino is nearly extinct and only exist in nature preserves.

The Indian rhino is the largest Asian rhino and possess a large thick one foot long horn. They live in marshy jungles and eat reeds, grass, twigs and plant shoots. There are around 1,500 Indian rhinos all living in preserves that are protected.

The Javan rhinos are like the Indian species only smaller. While they once occupied the forests of Bengal Burma, Borneo, Java and Sumatra they now only live in Western Java.

Sumatran rhinos are the smallest rhinos and have have 2 horns. A small 4 feet tall and about 1 ton in weight The Sumatran rhinos are hairy around the tail and ears. They few rhinos that exist live in the Sumatra's forested hills. These rhinos have been reported to be dangerous but are normally peaceful when not threatened. They are legally protected

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