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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Spring Beauty

This little guy will find himself in among the earliest wildflowers. Don't count him out yet, yes it has all ready most likely made its first appearance but with the weather like it is they most likely are still around.

The petals on this flower can vary in color ranging from white to pink. Nearly always they will have pinkish lines near the center of the flower. Pollinators use what is known as the bee guide which is a very faint line. The bees are guided by these lines to collect pollen and feed the larvae as well.

The pollen appears pink. The spring beauty be will have pink pollen on its legs as it travels from plant to plant. The flower will open mid morning and close by late after noon. On cloudy and rainy days the flower may not open at all. The bee will visit on sunny day and cross pollinate the plant.

This great small plant is native to southern illinois and is a perfect as a small plant for your home garden. It is deer resistant as they oftn dislike the taste. The plant will not last long as when spring is over the plant is as well.

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