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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Happy Birthday Mrs. Nixon

              PAT NIXON

If politics are important to you then you may know who had a birthday today. Many of you may not know and many of you may not know who she is when I say her name. Yes I said her. Thelma Catherine "Pat" Nixon was born March 16 1912. The wife of president Richard Nixon she was on the spotlight as a presidents wife from 1969 to 1974. 

Mrs. Nixon was born in Ely, Nevada. The sister of two brothers the family lived in Cerritos, California. Pat graduated from high school in 1929 and went on to attend Fullerton Junior College before heading off to the University of Southern California. She would work hard through school holding several different jobs including pharmacy manager, typist, radiographer and retail clerk. 

In 1940 at the age of 28 Pat married Richard Nixon a lawyer. Together they had two daughters. She would work hard campaigning for her husband in congressional campaigns of 1946 and 1948 for congress. During the Eisenhower administration her husband Richard would be elected vice president. In 1968 she would successfully work beside her husband as he campaigned for president. 

As first lady, Pat promoted a number of charitable causes. She was the most traveled first lady in United States history in her time of history. She would accompany the President as the first lady to visit China and the Soviet Union. Her solo trips to Africa and South America gain her recognition. At the time of war Mrs. Nixon would enter the combat zone. The watergate scandal would end her run as presidents wife. 

Pat Nixon would make rare outings later in life. She lived in California with her husband. Later she would move to New Jersey. Her health would be haunted with strokes and cancer late in life. In 1983 Pat Nixon would pass at the age of 81. 

While it seems like she was a great first lady I also know she must have had great heartache in her time in the whitehouse. 

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