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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Murder Conviction Handed Down In History

The United States stood still on November 22, 1963. The President John F. Kennedy had been shot and would not recover from his injuries. The killer was said to be Lee Harvey Oswald. Two days after Kennedy's assassination the police would bring Oswald to the basement of the Dallas police headquarters. A crowd of police and press with live television cameras rolling gathered to witness his departure. Jack Ruby would step out from the crowd and fatally wound Oswald with a single shot from a concealed .38 revolver. Ruby would be captured and brought into custody.

The real name of Jack Ruby was Jacob Rubenstein. Ruby operated strip joints and dance halls in Dallas and had minor connections to organized crime. He often received favors in exchange for ease in monitoring of the establishments he ran. Many have the theory that he killed Oswald to cover up a conspiracy. On trial Ruby would plead innocent under great grief and "psychomotor epilepsy" and shoot Oswald unconsciously. The jury on March 14 would find Ruby guilty and sentence him to die. This decision would be reversed in 1966 but Ruby would die of lung cancer while awaiting a new trial.

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