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Monday, February 13, 2017

Tiny Bites Food Shears

Tiny bites Food shears are the perfect kitchen tool for anyone with or without children. Earning the Moms Choice award as well as the National Parenting Center seal of Approval the numerous job this tool can do is well worth the price. Think about it how many times do you cut up your children food?? Slice up vegetables for a snack?? or cut the crust off your child's sandwich??

What if I told you that these easy to use scissors could help you make cute shapes out of your child's food. When they like what they eat they may eat even more of it. Not only at home but on the go as well. It takes not room at all to carry these in your bag and may make dining out even better as you no longer have to take the time to find a fork and knife to cut up your child's food. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) children younger than 4 years old should not be served round, firm foods unless they have been cut in 1/2 inch pieces that cannot become lodged in a child's airway.

This system is easier than using a knife and a cutting board. Not only is it easy but quick to use as well whether at home or on the go. We decided to put it to the test and visited our local restaurant bringing along the Tiny bites utensil. Our grand-son ordered his normal which is a hot-dog with chili on the side. We brought the tiny bites out of his bag and quickly cut up the dog in tiny bite size pieces. It was easy to cut up the dog in tiny bite size pieces ensuring he did not choke. I believe they will be traveling with us from now on. It was entertaining for him to watch as we snipped up the hot dog and enjoyed it after it was quickly sliced.

Tiny Bites uses cutlery grade stainless steel blades. One blade has a inch ruler to ensure that you are cutting at the size you choose. The blades are safe lead free and a safety child proof protective blade cover is present as well. The plastic handles and cover are BPA Free. Whether snipping thin or thick foods the tool will work perfectly as they have the extra support of comfort spring. They go in the dishwasher easily as well as in your bag to travel where you go including the beach, camping, boating and picnics.

Now don't get me wrong these are great for families with toddlers but lets not forget others that may need to have their food cut up a bit as well. Anyone from teens with braces who must watch what they eat to those who for one reason or another must have their bites be just a bit tinier. I could also see senior adults or care takers of senior adults using these multi purpose tiny bites. Knowing that at times finger foods are better than large food for those that are older.

Whatever stage in your life you are at as well as those that you love tiny bites seem like a great addition to have at home or on the go. Safe to use , perfect size to take a long on your journey as well as help those that are in need of smaller bits of food.

Now, let me share with you about how you can get them:

Tiny Bites are available 2 sets for $10.99 There are many locations where you can find Tiny Bites including:

Toys R Us
Bed Bath & Beyond

Read more about them here  to purchase Tiny Bites visit here 

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