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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Turkey Craft

Paper Plate
Crayons, Markers, or Paint
Wiggly Eyes, or Punched White and Black Circles
Tiny Bit of Red & Yellow Card Stock or Craft Foam
What You Do
1. With the paper plate right side up, fold the bottom edge toward the top edge less than half way – as shown.
2. Find the center of the shorter half and draw a turkey head and body shape, ending at the fold of the plate.
3. Mark the center of the plate on the fold.
4. Find the center of the plate at the top, and mark off sections for the feathers.
On one plate I used, each feather was about 3 ridges wide. On the second plate the feathers were 4 ridges wide.
I thought 3 ridges made the feathers too narrow, and too many of them. I liked the 4 ridge feathers (the marker colored feathers) better.
5. Cut out the turkey body as shown with the solid black line. Do NOT cut across the fold.
6. To color the paper plate turkey body, bend it toward the feathers. You will actually be coloring the bottom side of the plate.
Lay a piece of scrap paper between the turkey body and the feathers while the turkey body is colored – to prevent the body color from getting on the feathers.
Or fold the rest of the turkey away from the body while it is colored. If the wrong side of the turkey is accidentally colored, no harm done. Just color the other side and it will be fine.
7. Color the feathers.
8. A face can be drawn on with markers, or cut out and glued on.
You may want to set the paper plate turkey up before you add the face, to be sure you put the face on the correct side of the turkey’s head.
The crayoned turkey used Sharpies to make its face.
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