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Monday, November 14, 2016

Monet's Birthday

Happy Birthday today goes to one of the worlds famous artist, Claude Monet. Born in Paris November 14, 1840 Monet would start school at Academie Suisse. Monet appreciated every day life and his art would reflect the form and light. One critic would dub it "impressionism" art. Monet also a soldier in the military when he was 21 would be discharged for health reasons. His art work would be part of the annual art show the Salon in 1865 Like many artist Monet would struggle financially and would lead to a suicide attempt in his late 20s. However, he was not successful and eventually earned some great financial backing from his supporters. Monet desired his art work was done in a certain manner and when it was not he would destroy it by burning, breaking or ripping up his own art. Money would live to be a good old age of passing in 1926.

Enjoy some famous pieces of art from Monet


  1. I love Monet :) I was lucky enough to see a few of his pieces at in NYC this summer.

    1. that would be very cool for sure to see art like this. thanks for stopping by here today


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