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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Buttons and Blessings What a wonderful Day

Button Day occurs each year on November 16. I know many that collect buttons, I have used buttons before and buttons can make our lives a bit better simply by doing what they were made to do. Buttons are used to fasten and hold things together or they may simply be used as a decorative touch. Older buttons are made of metal and those made in recent years have been commonly made of plastic. Seashells have also been used to make buttons to hold fabric together. 

The national button society was founded in 1938. The group is recognized for their button collecting. Collecting buttons is a hobby that many share. Today, is the day to celebrate all button collectors both those that have collected for years and beginners as well.

Button day is also a great day to wear buttons. Buttons can be common or very diverse. Some buttons may even be political, have funny sayings or show a picture of something that makes you happy.

One great idea is to collect buttons to add to a jar. Count your buttons along with you blessings. Your jar of buttons will resemble blessings with in your life. Before you know it you will have a jar of beautiful button blessings

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