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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: It's a Man's Man's Man's World (1966)

Since Labor Day was introduced to celebrate the American worker, we are highlighting the hardest working man in show business: James Brown. Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Before he was able to support himself as a musician, James Brown shined shoes, boxed, picked peanuts and delivered groceries. He admitted he didn't enjoy any of those jobs. What was your least favorite job?

I have had a few jobs during my life time. The first was a paper girl in my early life. Then I became a mom which by the way is my favorite job. I worked a summer period as an extra at the home extension office during the county fair etc... that was a job I did not like the best but had benefits as well. For the past 20+ years I have worked as a nurse aide and that also has ups and downs

2) What job have you enjoyed the most?

Well I answered that when I was going through my work history above it would have to be the job of being a mom

3) James loved performing and in the mid-60s, played 335-350 dates/year. Do you have time off this weekend? Or will you be working? 

This is my weekend off, only have one every month or so. Relaxing and having family time this weekend

4) With that grueling schedule, James spent a lot of time on the road. Do you enjoy traveling and staying in hotels? Or are you a homebody who prefers to sleep in your own bed?

I love to have it both ways. I like to travel but also enjoy coming home at night. If I do have to travel I prefer one with extra benefits.

5) While Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce, millions of Baby Boomers are still part of American labor. Do you think it's easy or hard for people of different generations to work together? Or don't you think age matters?

Age is not a matter some older generation can outwork those that are younger. To me it is work ethics

6) 72% of employers report that they give their employees sick days. Tell us about a time when you called in sick, but weren't. 

many of us do this where we work, instead of sick days we call them personal days and take them like planned days off.

7) According to the 2010 Census, 5.9 million Americans regularly work from home. Is working from home something you have/you would enjoy? Or do you benefit from interaction with coworkers?

having always worked outside the home I will continue to do so but I also blog and work with others and this is very fun as well.

8) 12% of workers report they prefer to report for work early -- before 7:00 AM -- so they can get more done. Are you a morning person?

I work early hours but not sure if I am a morning person as I like to sleep in late when ever possible

9) The NFL season starts on September 8. How do you think your team will do this year?

I do not have a favorite team. I like local teams better myself. I also love to watch family bicker over better professional team

These are our answers to Saturday Nine what would yours have been??


  1. So your family members disagree about which NFL team to root for. Bet that makes it interesting at the Thanksgiving dinner table! :)

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