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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Safe Sleeping Environment For Baby

September is Baby Safety Month. One area that often gets overlooked and mainly because we all ready think that it is safe is the babies sleep environment. There are several things that you can do to ensure their safety. These would include keeping that baby on his or her back when sleeping or napping. Babies can suffocate if they happen to sleep head down. The Center for health Statistics states the rate of SIDS has declined more then 50% since the Back to Sleep campaign began in 1994.

Babies should not be allowed to sleep on chairs, adult beds, sofas, pillows or cushions. The baby should sleep in a crib approved by the Consumer Product and Safety Commission or Juvenile Products Manufactures Association. The babies crib, bassinet or cradle should have a firm mattress and well fitted sheet. There should be nothing else in the sleeping area.

Crib bumpers, pillows, quilts, toys should not be placed in crib. These items can cause baby to suffocate. A light blanket may be used by tucking all sides along the bottom half of the crib below baby's arms.

Light sleepers are best for baby. The room temp of 68 to 71 should be kept in room so baby is comfortable A fan in the babies room will help with airflow.

The only precaution I offer of how baby sleeps is to ensure that babies head is turned in order to prevent flathead syndrome.

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